Did my taxes…

Exhausting, but exhilarating considering I was not looking forward to doing them for 2 main reasons:

1. My 2008 taxes tracking file CORRUPTED.

ARG! SO MAD! Couldn’t open it anywhere, and naturally my dumb ass had copied it from OTHER back ups so.. they were all corrupted.

All my hard work into organizing my expenses for taxes. Gone. *sniffle*

Spent 5 hours rooting through receipts, making another Excel sheet and sorting that ish out.

2. I did the calculations and was expecting to pay $9000 in taxes for 2008.

No one looks forward to having to pay for anything.

Instead, good news!

Am going to get back $4500. That’s a really big shocker. I’m happy of course, and totally relieved.

$2000 of it was over taxation by my former employer *shakes fist at them*.

And the other $2500 was just plain ol’ deductions carried over from the year before, and my mad RRSP contributions of around $9930.

Woo hoo!

*squirrels it all away in her Savings/Emergency Fund while she waits for her second contract to come up*

There’s one coming. I can feel it. I feel like I’ll be on a project by end of April, mid-May.

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