Chili Salmon

Someone asked for my Chili Salmon recipe, and to be honest there’s nothing to it 🙂


Salmon (skin on, scaled)
Sesame Oil
Soy sauce
Minced garlic (I have a little mincing tool)
Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste (the yummiest ever and is NOT spicy at all because I’m a wimp and hate spice)
[Optional] Fresh Ginger Juice (It’s a hell of a job to get it)

Whatever veggies you want, but I’d suggest stir frying them separately (sugar snap peas, green onions, caramelized onions, green beans and spinach work well as sides).


Get the rice started.
I suggest short grain white sushi rice. You have to wash the rice in water, then let it soak for half an hour before cooking it in the rice cooker or else it won’t get a nice consistency and will be dry.

Marinate the Salmon.
Coat it with a bit of sesame oil, soy sauce and some sprinkling of pepper, and rubbing the garlic all over it. [Optional: Fresh Ginger juice]


Start rice.
Half an hour later from when you started soaking the rice, start the rice cooker by pressing “COOK” (don’t laugh, I’ve left it on “WARM” before and wondered why my rice was taking forever).

Start warming oven.

Put the salmon skin up in a little pan or on a tinfoil sheet, and heat up the oven (both racks bottom and top) and set the thing to “BROIL”.

Pop that sucker into the oven.
Broil the salmon to get the skin crispy for about 2 minutes.

Start the stirfry veggies [Optional]
Some people (like my brother) don’t eat veggies with the salmon to dilute the taste, but they eat salad or fruit.

Turn it down to 200 degrees Celsius to cook the rest without burning it.
Let it cook for another 8 minutes.

I don’t mind my fish being a bit raw in the middle because I LOVE raw fish, but if you are squeamish them put it in for 10-12 minutes to really cook the rawness out if it’s a thick slab of fish.

Rice should be ready
Fluff rice and close the lid so that the steam gets all around the rice and doesn’t harden it into a rice cake.

Pull out the salmon & plate
Put salmon on plate.

Take a butter knife, liberally spread chili paste all over the top of the skin of the salmon in a coating. (Or if you are nervous, put dollops on the plate beside the salmon before going the whole hog).

Scoop white rice on plate beside salmon.


(Add soy sauce or salt and pepper as needed)

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