3 Jewelry Essentials

I know it might be a bit hard to nail this one down but if you categorize it by events, you shouldn’t have a problem (that is… if you are into wearing jewelery. Some people aren’t).

One Neutral Statement Piece

Either a killer pair of statement earrings, or a wild necklace, or a big bangled bracelet. You can even look into brooches as statement pieces, or a wild cocktail ring.

You only need ONE piece as a statement piece.

Foxy Originals Necklace – Eden (Canadian independent designers who do fun, great pieces!!)

ASOS Earrings – Cut-Out Filigree And Multi Chain Drop Earrings – 9.79 pounds

ASOS Earrings – Pink and Gunmetal Wings – $53.83 pounds (OUCH!!!!!!!)

Fossil.com – Social Flowers Necklace – $80 (Who knew Fossil was so awesome?)

Fossil – Interlocking Organics Bracelet – $38

Fossil – Pave Disc Ring – $38
Alexis Bittar – Anemone Flower Pin – $225

One Delicate Everyday Piece

Can’t always be a showstopper every day, now can we? Have one piece that’s delicate, and your everyday.

Examples would be a delicate little necklace or little stud or hoop earrings.

ASOS.com Short Cut out Floral Bead Neckace – 7.83 pounds
I found a couple of great deals at Chameleon John for ASOS.com. Do check them out.

MD Sparks – Hyacinth Hoops – $10

ASOS Wrapped Wire Detail Ring – 6 pounds

A Watch

Everyone needs a watch in my opinion. At some point of your life, you will wish you had a watch. At least, that’s how I felt!!!

So pick one that’s very you, within your budget, and able to be worn every day if need be. Some people are not into watches, but there may come a time where you need to wear one. If you aren’t into straps or clasps, then try a bracelet watch so that you feel you’re wearing a bracelet rather than something strangling your wrist.

It’s also a good way to have a statement piece that’s an everyday piece in one.

Fossil.com Watches

FB: I really love this bracelet watch from Fossil. SO CUTE!

Michael Kors Silvertone Watch – $160

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