Wordle… a deeper look into my blog :P

Kids & Parents & Swearing

Just wanted to say that I don’t really get kids and parents who are okay with swearing affectionately at each other, and I get shocked when I hear it or read about it (Mittsie!)…

Only because if I did that as a kid, I wouldn’t be alive to blog or tweet about it.

What do you think? Do you swear at your parents affectionately (calling them a bitch, asshole.. etc) and don’t get your ass whupped for it?

On to Wordle

I like to do Wordles now and then get a nice overview of what I blog about.

Here’s one Wordle cloud I created.

It sorts through your text and the word that appears the most, becomes the biggest.

The 5 biggest words?

1. Money
2. Like
3. Just
4. Financial
5. Save

Sounds about right…

About the Author

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