Wardrobe Favourites..and how it can help you build your style

Thought I’d post a couple of things that I really love in my wardrobe because we all know how sometimes we can get caught up in buying 5 or 6 of the same item in different colours because of a sale, or because we think we could ‘stock up’ on such a great sweater, but end up only preferring one colour over another.

*raises hand*

I bought 2 exact sweaters in a grey beige and in a dark grey. I tend to flock only to the dark grey because it’s more my colour than beige. *sigh*

Then I got to thinking: I have favourite pieces in my wardrobe. I should use them as my base, and build new pieces or outfits around my favourite pieces since I wear them SO MUCH!

That way, I have a ton of great outfits that use the same favourite pieces over and over again.

It’s a nice way to kind of pare down your wardrobe or stop yourself from buying more, because you can build your own signature style around what you own rather than trying to start from scratch and washing money.

So here are my favourite pieces I try to co-ordinate with when I buy new items.

Deep Red Jacob Coat

This is an old red Spring coat I bought a number of years ago for $300 (yes… I feel a heart attack coming on), but you know what? It was worth every penny because I’ve worn this thing to DEATH and it still looks fabulous. The colour hasn’t faded, the stitching is still all tight and intact, and I always get complimented on it.

It looks very similar to this Marc Jacobs coat, except mine is not satin, it’s a trench, and it’s down to the knees.

Jean Mandarin Collar Blazer

This is it, but it doesn’t look like much on a hanger so I am going to show you what it kind of looks like zipped up.

It looks like the shape of this jacket when it is fully zipped up.

This is the same material as my Jacob Denim Trouser Jeans, but I tell you, the style and cut of this jacket is GORGEOUS.

Even though it doesn’t exactly zip up any more without my sucking my gut in, I wear it open most of the time (if not, I look like a crazed institutionalized person because it sorta looks like a tight straitjacket without the crazy straps).

I just love the collar, the cut, and the fit when it’s open. I’m totally breaking the cardinal rule of clothing (to buy what fits you), but I don’t care.

Ivory & Grey Wrap Sweaters

This is just one of my many wrap sweaters, but they’re actually Sweater Blazers, which is the perfect answer to not wanting to wear a formal suit jacket blazer, but still wanting to be a tad more dressy – enter, the sweater blazer. Ridiculously comfortable, it ties as a wrap around my nonexistent waist to give it some curves, and it looks professional in any business casual environment when paired with the right accessories and shoes.

Grey Wool Wrap

I would be lost without it. It acts like a spring jacket plus an extra layer that I wear under a thicker white hoodie coat jacket that I have.

Since it is made out of alpaca (llama) wool it’s incredibly warm. I got it from Abercrombie a couple of years ago (yea. I know! I would normally NEVER even go in there, let alone shop there), for about $100 (ouch..), but like my red Jacob Spring Coat, I’ve worn it to death, and it is a nice comfortable, snuggly ‘blanket’.

Josef Deep Sapphire Blue Top

This top is incredibly comfortable, and worth every penny. If they had it in other colours I would’ve bought them all too because it’s so hard to find a comfortable, jersey-knit top that covers you appropriately without having to wear a camisole, and in such a fabulous fit.

My Jewelery

These are the pieces that always make me smile every time I put on each one. I love every single piece especially since I went through a huge purge of my jewelery box!

See entire collection here: A Minimalist’s Jewelery Box (a bit misleading, that Minimalist thing)…

Jacob Denim Trouser Jeans

I’m wearing these to death but they’re so incredibly comfortable and practical, without actually being jeans… My other favourite pair of pants is also from Jacob, but they’re a dark grey heather tweed (wearing them right now actually!).

They look like trousers, but they’re a jean.

All of these items are pretty basic, so it’s easy to build a style around them, but I tend to keep colours in the grey palette with bright shots in accessories, so it’s easier for me to see that I don’t need to keep buying the same grey sweater over and over again when I already own it many times over in my wardrobe!

My philosophy, is to use accessories to do the trick, to keep up to date such as wild necklaces. Plus, they’re easier to pack in different styles and colours rather than 5 sweaters of different colours.

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