Review: Bella Belly Band




I bought a Bella Band.

Not just for my pregnant friend, but one for me as well.

I happen to have a very round, cute belly that makes me look 3 months pregnant because the rest of me is so skinny and slim. Then you look and see this round thing sticking out.

I once had a woman come by and sympathetically pet my belly (without asking!!) thinking I was pregnant and that the rocking of the train was making me nauseous (which it was, but only because I’m sensitive to motion sickness).

I’ve also had women interested in BF jealously ask in the elevator of our building if I was pregnant. OMG! A little privacy, PLEASE?!?

Anyway, long story short I cannot find a pair of jeans and I needed to make them work because they still fit on the rest of me, but not at the button (it’s too tight for my belly and it hurts).

So, enter the Bella Band. I call it the Belly Band, but whatever floats your boat.

I wear it just like the women in the pictures above, and it is SO COMFORTABLE. It keeps the flaps of my jeans down flat against my belly, it holds everything in, and covers the back of my jeans in case I bend over a lot and find my jeans slipping down, and best of all, I can use it when I’m really pregnant later on.

For you belly-licious girls out there, this is a good piece to buy to keep your jeans working longer and longer.

I almost threw out my jeans but couldn’t bear to part with them so I found a way to keep them.

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