Random FB Stories….of growing up


When I was a kid, we didn’t have showers at my grandparents.

We would have a huge tiled bathtub (you could fit a single adult in there up to their neck), that we would fill up with hot-to-warm water.

I’d sit on a little plastic chair beside the big tiled tub, over a tiled floor that had a big drain where the water would drain out and flow from the house to the street and wash away the dirt in the drains.

Anyway, the process was:

I’d throw a bucket of water on my hair and another on my body to wet myself, then soap up my hair and body.

Then I’d scoop buckets of water to rinse off my hair and body, then get out and let my sibling use up the water sitting in the bathtub.

If we wanted to be luxurious, you could actually sit IN the bathtub but it dirtied the water so we didn’t do that because it was rude to later bathers.

This meant of course, we all had to shower at around the same time so that the water would stay warm. And we also learned how to clean ourselves in about 2-3 minutes.

I guess we could do something similar now, but our bathrooms are not set up for that since we don’t have a main drain.


When my mom didn’t have a license, we had to take the bus. I was around 7 at the time but kids under 5 rode for free. I clearly remember one day, we had to take the bus (all 3 kids and my harried mom) downtown for something.

We ran out of change, or tickets.. or my mom was just being cheap.

Anyway, she pulled me by the hand, handed me a huge stuffed teddy bear to hold and told me to look tired and pouty.. very young.

I got on the bus and she argued (a bit) about how I was 5! How dare he say I looked older! I was just tall for my age!

And I rode for free.

Those are all the small memories I can remember. 🙂 Just made me think about them and chuckle because things are so different now.

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