Organization: The Front Door

If you always find yourself losing your keys, your purse, cellphone.. whatever. Or feel that you take 15 minutes longer to grab your stuff before leaving then you need to figure out a way to get organized the minute you get in the door, and before you leave.

Here are some tips on how to make your entry way functional.

Put a table by the door and place a large bowl or some sort of container on top

This will be your drop station for when you walk in the door.

However, I am not sure that you want to put it TOO close to the door. I heard that thieves can stick a hanger through the mail slot and lift your keys, so keep it far away.

Anyway, this is where you’d walk in the door, and put your purse, or empty your pockets.

Put your sunglasses, keys, cellphone, whatever, inside your own personalized bowl/box and when you need to find your purse, it’d always be in the same spot for when you want to find your cellphone or wallet.

And it’s convenient. Grab and go before you leave.

Think about some hooks in the entry way or behind the door

This is where you can come in, take off your coat, hang it on the hook and be done with it.

Especially if it’s a coat that you use a LOT.

Even if you have a front closet, I still like having hooks by the door because you don’t always want to keep hanging up your coat on a hanger every single time if you’re lazy like me.

Or use a chair!

We have the dining table and chairs by the door.

So when we get in the door, we take off our coats and boots, and toss the coats over our own dining chairs. A bit messy, but soooo convenient, and if we had company, we’d hang up our coats. 95% of the time? No one comes over.

Have a box/drawer in the table to drop your winter gear

I use the same table we have by the door to drop my mitts, scarf and earmuffs.

It’s large enough to put my stuff on top but I would have liked a real table with actual drawers so that I could drop my stuff in there so that it’s out of sight.

Think about a charging station by the entry way if you don’t have one already

My charging station is a power bar that I plug into the wall.

Then I arrange and I plug in all the charging cords for all my gadgets, and pull the ends up around the back so that the wires are all hidden and neat.

So when I come in the door, I empty my pockets/purse, plug in my cell, or whatever I want to charge and leave it.

Some people like it by the entry way and others like it by their laptop/office. Whichever makes you more comfortable.

Here are some pictures of fancy entryways for inspiration

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