My last meal?

Following C – Asian Pear and what she would want as her last meal, I thought a lot more about the question and I think the final answer is: Tartiflette.

Step-by-Step Photo Recipe for Tartiflette

Ingredients: Potatoes, Bacon, Caramelized Onions and Roblochon Cheese (yum!)

It’s extremely heavy and filling, but the sweetness of the onions with that savoury, melted cheese all over it, and hearty potatoes with a nice salty piece of bacon… It’s amazing. Truly.

With a side of heart attack if I tried to eat it more than twice a year. 🙂


I’d have these on the side as side dishes because I can’t imagine choosing only ONE meal.

Roasted Duck

Sashimi with Soya Sauce

Wakame Salad (Seaweed Salad)

I could go on, and on, but these are the dishes that came straight to my mind without hesitation.

As for junk food, I’d say McDonald’s fries, McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets and KFC Chicken would make THAT list. 🙂

No judgment! I’m about to die, remember?

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