How to bring your lunch to work

This is a recurring question and lament on a lot of blogs:

“I forgot my lunch AGAIN, and/or I could have brought one this morning but didn’t… so I feel like I wasted money eating crap food outside.”

For me, it was pretty simple.

I made a big meal on Sunday night, and packaged all the food ahead of time into 5 separate Starfrit Lock’n’Lid containers.

Yep same meal, every lunch. So I made it super delicious so I would look forward to eating it.

Or if you bring sandwiches, prep everything on Sunday night so that it’s easy to assemble in the morning and you can enjoy your breakfast/coffee without having to prep a lunch too.

Bring all 5 containers to work, and the empties home each night.

Or bring a container each morning before you go to work, and switch up the fruit and/or snack that normally goes with it so you don’t get bored.

And I just eat a different dinner each night so it doesn’t mean 30 meals a week of the same thing.

Oh and naturally, don’t microwave your lunch in the plastic box. Pour it on on a plate instead to avoid chemical seepage into your food and body.

I also keep a set of cutlery at work and I use them, wash them, and leave them there so I don’t have to keep remembering to pack it all over again.

Bonus? You can buy/bring a cute lunch bag. πŸ™‚

Any other tips?

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