Housewives who want to re-enter the workforce?

I’ve talked about why I do NOT want to become a Trophy wife so I don’t want to flog that dead horse again, but I am genuinely curious about the following:

What happens to her resume even if she did have a career before?

I can only speak for the IT industry and as I understand it is if you have about 5 years of experience (which is what I’d have), I could not go more than 2 years without at least working part-time.

I am sure there are industries out there that allow your skills to be still relevant up to 5 years after you’ve stopped working – I find that # kind of high, can someone confirm if this is even true?

I can vouch that from my experience in the IT industry, it is NOT true.

If you have worked in one specialization for 5 years, then went off the map for more than 2 years maximum, they will hem and haw pretty hard before taking you on.

And definitely not at your original salary or position.

IT changes so fast that you have to stay on top of everything and stay relevant, and going 2 years off the radar makes them nervous because they think you’ve forgotten everything within that time frame (which is not necessarily true).

But after 10 or 20 years which is what I hear is the AVERAGE time a woman stays a housewife if she decides she’ll do it just for the kids, I cannot imagine ANY industry that will allow you to get back into the workforce at the same salary and position as what you held before you left.

That is, without going back to school and starting from the bottom all over again.

I was reading a couple of articles a long while back, and I kept reading about these women who had left the workforce to raise their kids and give them a stable life before they were all shipped off to elementary school.. and then when they tried to get back into the workforce after 5-10 years (it varied), they all lamented that nobody wanted to hire them because they were out of work for so long, and they felt worthless.

So here’s my question to all of you:

What industries out there would let you come back after 2 years or more of inactivity because you chose to be a stay at home mom/wife?

Alternatively, what industries other than the IT industry (natch), will NOT want you after 2 years of not working?

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