Bored of the boring Windows Vista Logon Screen?

I’m always trying to tweak my laptop to make it cooler, cuter.. whatever.

Anyway, I found this program called: Logon Studio Vista and there is also a Logon Studio XP which I am going to use on my HP Mini 100 (review on that coming up next Friday by the way).

I don’t recommend the XP one by the way. Tried it on my Mini and it does NOT work.

What does it do?

So you know that boring logon screen where you click on your User and/or type in a Password?

I changed it to have a custom background of really bright, beautiful flowers so that I can stop looking at the boring blue-green swirl when I log on.

Minor change, but a lot of fun.

The program is also dead easy to use, and free.

Here’s what the program looks like where you can choose your own background (Click on “CREATE” and upload the pic you want from your hard drive).

And this is the result. A lot prettier, no?

It’s a small change but a nice one.

Update: I have only done Vista, and am trying XP and it’s a lot harder than Vista.. that’s for sure :\

OK I’ve given up. The XP one is too hard to customize with this program. The Vista one is the only one worth trying.

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