Apple Computer’s Built-In Screenshot Feature

Many of you have mentioned how awesome Apple’s Screen Capture was, but I didn’t know what the commands were or how it worked, so I thought I’d try it out.

It’s already built into the Apple laptop line.

Taking a regular screenshot


It’s a cross hair cursor that pops up and you use it to select what you want to take snapshots of. I went to J. Crew and took a picture of the bag.

It does it automatically, makes a wonderful camera snapping sound and names it “Picture”, with a PNG image file extension.

Ta dah!

Taking a screenshot of an entire window/screen


Same as above, but instead of the cross hairs that pop up, it’s a little camera icon instead.

It takes a snapshot of the entire window. Easy peasy. Saves it as “Picture”, with the file image extension PNG.


For the PC you can use other software like SnagIt Screen Capture by TechSmith which costs $49.95 or this free program Extensoft Screen Capturer which I haven’t tested or reviewed yet.

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