Women, get money wise!

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o writes a blog called “The Diary of a Fatty“.

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Now, on to the article. Written by The Sun, the title basically says that women have to wake up, smell the proverbial roses and get money wise. Read the entire article here.

I wanted to highlight the top 10 points in this article that jumped out at me:

1. Don’t wait for Prince Charming. He isn’t coming.

2. Taking charge of your finances will make you feel more in control, rather than less, even if you’re in a bad situation.

3. Don’t leave everything up to your spouse to handle. At the very least, know where it’s going.

4. Leave and put your own savings and investments in your own name.

5. Divorce rates are over 50%. There’s a high possibility that you will not stay together for the long run.

6. Talk about your finances with your significant other before settling down. If they’re skittish about it, then leave.

7. Your significant other may not know everything. 2 heads are better than one.

8. Pass on your financial wisdom to your daughters and empower them.

9. Don’t give up your career, education or aspirations for a real, or budding potential relationship. It isn’t worth it.

10. There are no guarantees in life. Even if you get a Prince Charming, something may happen – divorce, death, unfortunate circumstances can never be foreseen.

So there you have it ladies! Read the entire article here.

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