Want to know who the top whores would be?

Source: Smart! by k.rae

Remember Eliot Spitzer? Got caught with Ashley Dupre, a high class escort who charged something like $1500/hour?

The Madam who whored out Ashley Dupre goes through the list of celebrities and lists out how much she could charge each one for.

Angelina Jolie tops the list at $2000/hour with a minimum 4 hour booking.

Angelina Jolie: She would be my top girl. I call it my “Number one.” I would put her at $2,000 an hour. But you couldn’t get her unless you booked her for 4 hours. I wouldn’t let her go for just an hour. Maybe if you were a good client you could get her for an hour, but I would charge a lot more. At least $2,500.

Apparently Asian and Black models don’t do well. Funny… so why are there so many guys out there with Asian fetishes!?!?

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