Take colour inspiration from your environment

I paired this one even without thinking about it.

I had a salmon pink scarf and a deep grey top. I wore the two together with a white jacket, and immediately loved the combination and now am looking for other interesting combinations by layering a canary yellow camisole under a deep V grey sweater, and pairing it with a teal scarf for example.

That wasn’t an ODD combination by any means, but it made me think that if we had a lot of varied colours in our wardrobe, we should try pairing them together to see what kinds we come up with.

I mean hell, we’re just playing dress up in our closet right? No one’s going to see us in person until we like what we see in the mirror.

This could be a frugal and fun way to look at what you own with new eyes.

Pair things together you never thought would go together, because you picked the colours for a certain reason – they all work on your skin tone and with your colouring.

This means that they all have something in common – YOU!

You were attracted to those particular shades of each colour for a reason, so make it work somehow, and experiment.

And I know we can all fall into the rut of matchy-matchy dressing where our necklaces are blue to match our blue shoes and our blue dress with a blue purse.

Let’s try and avoid that for the new year and try different combinations with textures colours.

I have a lot of teal, jade green, salmon pink, all shades of grey and white in my closet for example. Teal and Salmon Pink may not go together in your head (initially), but maybe the pop of Salmon Pink as a scarf against your teal blousy top is just the kind of kick it needs rather than pairing it with a black scarf or something boring.

Another great thing to do is to grab inspiration from really great fashion blogs that are ALL OVER the blogosphere. They have some really OUT THERE ideas that may not work for you, but a tuned down version may be exactly what you need to jump start your wardrobe.

Besides, you can always start out small with a couple of interesting accessories then work your way up to a colourful purse and/or shoes…

Inspiration can also be taken from nature. There are some really beautiful colour combinations out there that could be translated into your wardrobe.

I mean who would’ve thought that a deep fuschia could go so nicely with that kind of green? And if you throw in some canary yellow as the accessory, it could spark a whole interesting kind of combination.

You can also check out other people’s blog THEMES to see what colours seem to appeal to you, and try to translate that into your wardrobe.

Inspiration is all around us.

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