Things to do when you are stuck inside

Not by choice of course.

But if it’s snowing, raining, hailing, and absolutely disgusting outside my survival instinct kicks in and I feel it’s a better option to stay inside all day instead of venturing out.

FB: Don’t be THIS crazy person.

What is a girl to do, with no TV (haha!) and only internet that works intermittently?

Become a McGuyver with food

This is assuming you stocked the fridge a day or so ago, and you have chicken, veggies and basic things to work with.

Make a special meal that normally takes 4 hours (or whatever…), or bake!!!

Or make up something just by browsing recipes on the web.

Finish it off with some hot chocolate and marshmallows while staring dismally at the window.

Clean + Organize

There has never been a better time with nothing else to distract you, but to clean the apartment from head to do. Put on some music, blast it (fairly) loud and dance around in your skivvies while cleaning and organizing your wardrobe (one of my favourite activities to do, EVER)

Bound to kill a couple of hours there. And by the time you’re done, the urge to go out will have been effectively killed.

Laundry can be included in here as well.

You can also consider re-organizing your kitchen to make it more efficient.

Catch up on all your emails and blogs

This is an easy one for me. But it gets boring because your butt hurts after a while. I never really let my emails pile up, but my Google Reader normally has a count of 1000+ on a regular basis.

This is a good time to get it cleaned out.

Organize your iTunes

Know how you’ve been putting it off, for… FOREVER?

This is the time to do it. Go through your iTunes, delete songs you don’t like or want any longer, and rename everything to your satisfaction.

Then sync your iPod.

Take a long shower/bath

Those bath salts that have been sitting in your bathroom for ages now have a purpose. To make your bathroom into a spa-like experience.

Light those candles that you stuffed in the back of the cupboard, set up some fluffy towels, turn on some music, and run a hot bath with bath salts, bombs and a drip of oil to condition your skin.

Then when you step out, give yourself a pedicure or manicure (or just scrub that nasty dead skin off), and lotion your body while it’s still warm and damp so that it absorbs the lotion all the way into the pores.

Talk to your friends

Call up someone you haven’t chatted with in a while (or go through your list of friends) and chat. This is a good way for me to pass a couple of hours.

This is my last resort:

Watch TV and DVDs all day until you pass out

I don’t have TV, but I do have movies, episodes of TV shows, and YouTube. Hole yourself up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate, a big thick fluffy blanket, pillows, and have a wild Sex and the City marathon for hours.

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