RSS Feeds: Your blog & your Google Reader shared items

Got a question from Life is Wonderful who asked what the difference was between my blog feed and my Google Reader shared items.

The short answer is that they’re both separate RSS feeds.

The long answer:

One RSS feed is the posts for my blog itself:

The second RSS feed is for the posts that I have in my Google Reader:

These are OTHER posts from all the blogs I subscribe to in my Google Reader (not my blog posts) that I share with other people because I find them interesting.

These are the posts that I click “Share” or “Share with Notes”.

Think of it as a Real-Time Link Love.

What’s really great about sharing posts from all these great blogs that I subscribe to on my Reader is that you share with me too!

And I love reading what other people Share, because I discover a lot of great blogs that way.

Here’s how to add both links in Google Reader.

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