Make a List Book

This is really simple, but incredibly useful.

Get a book or a journal, and make it into your “List Book”.

It’s a book where you just make lists.

Lists of what you have to get done for today, tomorrow, this week, whatever!

If you aren’t into PDAs or organizers, then this is a cheap and efficient way to keep track of what you need to get down. Just do a brain dump into the book, and create a list.

Cross off each item as you complete the task, and if you want to make a new list, then move the uncrossed items from the old list to the new ones.

I know you could use Google Docs, or Don’t Forget the Milk online or things on your computer to make a list, but it’s not portable or a hard copy. Those were my top two things for when I am imagining myself running around in a grocery store trying to remember what I need to buy to make tonight’s meal.

Now for notebooks.

May I suggest a Moleskine? I hear people are enamoured with it! Makes me almost want one. Then I realize I have an electronic PDA…

Or you can go the Etsy route too, for something cute, if you don’t want a boring Five Star spiral binder.

Red Otter – Gilded Robin’s Egg Journal – $18.50

Red Otter – Cherry Caliope – $18.50

Bombus – Atlas Notebook – $29

See Jane Work is another option.

Moyka Turquoise Composition Book – $12
Duet Jounal Set – $10

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