January 2009 Budget Recap

What I had originally estimated

Original Budget = $1500

But then I forgot about my friend’s birthday, a baby shower I had to attend, etc…

And the whole trip back to Ontario which I figured I’d budget an additional $1000 for.

What actually happened

= $2550.74

  • $1500 = From Savings
  • $1050.74 = Side/Found Income

From Savings = $1500

I budgeted $1500 from my Savings because I’m unemployed for the entire month. I like to call it ‘beached’ instead of “benched” (the industry term for unemployed/un-contracted consultants)

Side/Found Income = $1342.70

Then throughout the course of the month I tallied up what I had in my wallet and made money on the side doing other freelancing work (designs).

I also returned a book and had a Mastercard refund of $24.15, which I had to use up.

My Final January Budget = $2842.70

  • Expanded and Finalized Budget Categories
  • Budgeted an impromptu $1000 total towards the vacation

And this is how I spent it…….

Impromptu $1000 Vacation Budget:

Total $2842.70 Budget:

Specific Notes

I still went over budget by $349.57. *sigh*

I didn’t really expect Transportation, Wardrobe, Books & Gifts to be so far over budget…

Okay I lied.

I think I kind of expected myself to over spend in those categories, but I tried to rein in the spending keeping that in mind, while staying under my impromptu $1000 budget.

But those sales were just too tempting with those wrap dresses on sale(!), and I did end up spending way more in Gifts because of my mom’s lack of winter attire.

  • Groceries: Went over my budget. BF and I overate. Oops.
  • Transportation/Gas: Car rental, Taxis, Gas, Public Transportation tokens.. it all adds up!
  • Eating Out: My parents don’t keep food in the home, and most of this was spent in Ontario.
  • Electronics: Bought a Pink Shuffle and a Garmin Nuvi 255W GPS. Both long lusted after.
  • Travel: Was not Transportation. I bought 2 suitcases with this for my move to Dallas.
  • Jewellery: I figured I’d spend something, but I overspent on the deals I saw.
  • Junk Food: I’m surprised I’m under. I had promised myself to pig out in Ontario..
  • Miscellaneous: Tax software purchase and went to the Auto show.


ASSETS = $74,675.50

  • Emergency Fund for 2 years = $36,000
  • General Savings = $2850
  • Retirement = $16,641.46 (Market Value) — Book Value is $24,507.44
  • Business = $19,184.04


Man that stock market gave me a real beatin’! Down 33%. Still, better than 100% I say. It’ll pick up.

NYE 2009 Resolutions Tracking:

  • Save 50% of new income = $350 (half of $694.96) – CHECK!
  • Tracked expenses and set a budget – CHECK!
  • Stay on $1500 budget when not working – FAIL?
  • Increase Net Worth to $150,000 – TOO SOON TO TELL IF I FAILED, HAH!


Next month will be more quiet and less spendy.

I won’t be doing any travelling, so I’ll be sticking close to home for a while longer.

Maybe I’ll end up on a contract. I’ve been getting a lot of calls lately. And I just had a promising bite from someone today.

I hope I get it soon so I can work in the meantime before I flit off to Dallas.

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