Car Essentials: Things you need to buy for your car

Since I know I’ll need a car in Texas I am making a list of things that would be essential to carry around in a car.

Quick note: This was a compilation of many different Car Essentials guides I read on the Internet. 🙂 I’m not actually keeping road flares in my car…

Naturally, I won’t need a lot of stuff for heavy winters with ice and snow but I’ve added it at the end just for everyone else.

The basics and more

Booster Cables
Just happened to BF because he left the light on by accident and drained the battery.

2 Blankets and 2 Towels
One for you, one for the passenger in the car if there is one to keep warm. And in case you have to clean something up or wipe your hands from all that oily gook, you need two tea towels.

Car Fluids
Windshield Washer Fluid, Oil and Coolant just because they are basics that should be kept in there.

Matches and a Large Candle because you’d be surprised how warm a Candle can keep you in case you get stuck somewhere. Obviously, the larger the candle, the better.

Get a large, reliable flashlight, but don’t put the batteries in or they’ll drain. Tape the batteries to the flashlight.

Disposable Camera & Insurance Forms/Papers
just in case you get into an accident you can take pictures of what has happened, and fill out the insurance forms right then and there.

Pad of Paper & Pencil/Pen
Just in case you need to jot down notes to yourself.

Spare Tire & Tools
..and the knowledge of how to change a tire in case something happens.

Cellphone charger
Just keeping one around will help just in case your cellphone dies, you can use a bit of the battery to charge it to make a call. Of course, this means you need a cellphone with you at all times.

You can also buy those quick charge batteries that you just snap into the cellphone and get a quick charging station without a need for the car’s cigarette lighter or an outlet.

Map and GPS Unit
Note the “AND” because in case the GPS dies or doesn’t work, you can’t plug it into the power or even the fact that it’s cloudy or snowing and it won’t work, a map will really help you because sometimes the old fashioned way is the best.

Tire Gauges
Foot pump with gauge
Further tyre pressure pen gauge
Tyre tread depth gauge

Eco-Friendly Bags
Large canvas type carry bag with handles and Velcro pads to carry groceries or other things so that you cannot say that you forgot your bags!

Wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, and socket wrenches.

Could be handy.

Duct Tape

Tape sometimes fixes all. Duct tape can temporarily fix a broken windshield wiper, hold glass together, pick up glass shards, serve as a temporary gas cover, mend a broken hose and has a thousand other uses.

First aid kit and manual
Sometimes we all panic, and include: aspirin, bandages, gauze, eyewash, moist wipes, antibiotic ointment and burn cream.

Bottled water and non-perishable high energy foods, such as granola bars, raisins and peanut butter
This may be going a bit far, but could be useful in dire situations.

Box to hold everything in
With a cover. I can’t imagine storing all of this stuff above just lying around in the car. I like things organized. I’d probably also keep a list and date everything so I know when I bought it just in case expiration dates matter (like on food).

If you wanna go a bit far…

Fire Extinguisher
A mini one.

Road flares of course.

Winter Suggestions

– Snow shovel
– Ice scraper
– Snow brush
– Thick huge winter gloves (it’ll be cold scraping snow and ice off)
– Scarf
– Hat
– Mittens
– Driving gloves (thinner so that you can wear them in the car to grip the wheel when it’s cold)
– Non Clumping Kitty Litter (to pour behind the wheel in case you get stuck and your wheels spin on ice)
– Road Salt

Any other tips or suggestions?

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