Thai Red Curry: Success!

Turned out wonderfully! Guess my weird ass dream about making Thai Curry turned out for the best.

I didn’t add some sexy basil on top for decoration because it’s $1.99 for just a couple of leaves and.. quite frankly the dish was delicious without (I am thinking buying some fresh herbs to grow when we move to Texas is going to be a fabulous idea because I love fresh herbs but I hate paying for them).

It was absolutely a killer dish. I used a tomatillo in there and its sour tartness gave a nice flavour component to it.


He told me that I could open a restaurant with that dish, and that made me blush because he is such an amazing cook and his compliment meant a lot to me than if someone who is less picky about what they like to eat.

This is the dish, paired with a bowl of fresh white rice.

BF added more spices at the end like Cumin, but I just added more curry paste because I made it VERY mild so that he’d like it – I like it a bit spicier so I added the paste later on in the game.

Woo hoo!

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