Quick Notes about my Jan 2009 Budget


I forgot to include this in my budget!

I need to DEFINITELY spend this kind of cash in January to buy the following too:

1. Baby Shower Present in January — $50?
2. Birthday Dinner/Present in January — $30?
3. Luggage (2 suitcases) for moving to the States — $175 each

Then I thought about your comments about trying to deprive myself with unnecessary clothing/shoe purchases, and I made a ‘off the top of my head’ of things I was thinking about buying or at least taking a look at.

You are all SO RIGHT. I bow down to greatness and the wisdom of my readers who.. have been there and done that.

So I am looking at around $430 which makes up for my total $1500 budget if I don’t buy any toiletries, makeup, clothing, electronics or other unforeseen costs.

I think I can still make it under my $1500 budget.

Here’s my list by the way if you care….


I need 2 suitcases, of decent quality, I’m spending A MAX of about $175 each suitcase and I am fitting my life in that, and 2 carryons.

Seriously. So I need something of decent quality that I am willing to keep instead of buying a throwaway suitcase for $100 and then end up buying a better, $175 dollar one later.

Belly Band for maternity moms

No. I am not preggers. Actually I may buy this for my friend as well because I heard that pregnant women SWEAR by it.

It’s just that my jeans have gotten too tight in the waist section, which is totally normal because it’s my natural body shape to have a larger belly.

But my jeans fit me PERFECTLY everywhere else and I cannot find a reasonably priced pair to replace them and until I do, I refuse to shell out $100 for them. Yet I still want to wear my jeans once in a while without looking trashy.

Damn it. DAMN IT! Why won’t society make jeans fit for an adorably round little pot belly but a skinny rest of the body?!?

Actually, the other weird thing is that if I pull the jeans down just below my belly for (not a muffin top, believe me, I cover everything up TIGHT), then it becomes too loose.

WTF? It’s because I don’t have a butt, everyone. I can’t win.

Garmin or TomTom GPS

Kind of a ‘need’. I get lost a lot and I grew to love the GPS system when I was driving. I cannot believe that no one else I know except for BF and my best friend has one. It is a LIFESAVER!

Apple Shuffle and Nano

I am unnecessarily lusting for both, I know. But hear me out!

A shuffle to use while I am running quick errands in the building, or going out for a quick walk to the grocery store. 2GB is more than enough for that, and I like the quick clip idea.

A nano to be kept in my car to be plugged into my car MP3 player so I can use it while I’m driving.

And the main iPod I have can be left in the house, plugged into my sound system as well as being used for very long trips.

…but I may just buy only the Shuffle for now because it’ll be super helpful when I’m doing laundry. And it’s cheap(er) than the Nano.

New Compact Digital Camera

I am thinking of a Fuji Finepix F50 because this camera that I have is driving me mad with its blurriness (it’s only great for outside pictures, not indoor pictures). But it’s a ‘want’ not a need, and just something I’m considering.

Car Chargers

Apple iPod Car Charger and Cellphone Car Charger. Kind of useful because I am not very on top of keeping things charged to the max.

Okay. Yes. Now I feel better about heading into 2009. And I seem to have a weakness for technology.

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