A neutral doesn’t always mean it has to be black!

I used to be a black clothing FIEND.

When I was younger, it was kind of the only colour you could get me to wear. BLACK.

Black top, pants, skirt, suit, everything black.

And just recently, I’ve found my colour tastes changing. I have sworn off wearing black, and have found a new neutral that fits my complexion and skin tone better – GREY.

There are of course, times when all black is chic, wonderful and a perfect backdrop to those blood red heels you’ve been dying to show off.

But for everyday wear, I’ve started to want to change my all-black ways and wear more neutrals with bright necklaces and accessories instead of BLACK with those accessories.

I now feel that I look softer, less tired and less gloomy. People are more likely to assume I’m happy and fresh, and the black doesn’t accentuate the dark black circles under my eyes that is my genetic fate.

It’s not as good as swearing off neutrals forever, but at least with grey there are different shades – dark, medium light, and different mixes – heather grey, speckled grey, dotted grey, and the mixes can be with different colours like pink with grey in very subtle ways.

There are a lot of neutrals you can wear instead of black:


And dare I also say..

Dusty Rose
Seafoam Green
Forest Green

Check out these examples below:

I know you don’t really think of them as ‘neutrals’, but maybe it’s time to rethink what a neutral really is.

Neutral: a color, such as white, black, gray, or tan, that blends well with other colors

I think that definition is correct, but old now. Neutrals seem to have expanded their colour palette and pale colours being blended or paired with really vibrant ones seems to be the ‘in’ thing now.

Think of a great buttery yellow top.

It would NOT look good with black (for me, black with brighter colours for example can look cheap). But with seafoam green it may look quite fresh, or with navy for a nautical feel.

And with any of the ivories, whites and creams, it would look fresh and lovely.

Think about that, the next time you go to reach for the black version of some great dress or top that you see in the store. Look at the other colours and consider whether or not you would be willing to swear off black for that coat, and pick the deep burgundy version instead.

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