FB found a cheaper Starbucks substitute!!

I love drinking tea. When I was working, I was introduced to an invention called “Hazelnut Cream” by Natrel in tthose little creamer packets…

Colleague: Here snagged the last one for you. Hazelnut Creamer. They’ll blow your mind.

FB: Wha?? It’s just a creamer.

Colleague: You don’t even need much sugar. This thing is sweet enough.

FB: *adds it* ..*takes a sip*.. *eyes light up* I LOVE THIS STUFF!

I added it to my regular Orange Pekoe tea and now I can’t get enough of it.

I just HAD to find this creamer in stores so I could have this at home!

In the end I found this: Natrel Café in a large bottle for $1.99 for 425 mL in different flavours.

The blurb:

The essence of cream

Natrel Café. The essence of cream in five delightful flavours, Mocha, French Vanilla, Irish Cream, French Vanilla with Splenda and Hazelnut.

Natrel Café sets a new standard for flavoured coffee cream.

Made with real cream and packaged in unique and colourful 425 ml bottles. Natrel Café is ideal for all occasions.

Bla bla bla. It tastes good. Period. I’d probably only go for French Vanilla (WITHOUT Splenda, I hate fake sugar), Irish Cream and Hazelnut flavours. I am not a fan of Mocha.

Sure, it may just be flavouring and sugar mixed with cream, but is it ever GOOD!!!!

I got the French Vanilla in the end, and it got me thinking: this could be a great, cheap, and not-so-penny-pinchy-without-happiness way to have a gourmet-like drink at home, on the cheap.

I spent $1.99 on the bottle, and a tablespoon is more than enough to add the cream and flavouring that I need to a huge cup of tea with a cube of raw brown sugar.

It’s delicious, and I daresay, just as satisfying as a $6 Starbucks Venti Tazo Chai Latte.

And since I’m only spending $1.99 for 425mL of this cream, I can get around 17 teas out of this (conservatively), I can probably get around 20 to 25 teas.

$0.12 (Cream) + $0.05 (Sugar) + $0.09 (Teabag) + $0.01 (Water) = $0.27 per (large) Venti-like cup

$0.27 / $6 = 4.5% of the cost of a delicious Starbucks Tazo Chai

(<—- And it would be great if I ever became like this and needed a warm, cuddly pick me up. Teddy bear included.)

For the record, I am definitely not the kind of PF blogger to tell you to cut out your daily Starbucks if that is what you love and you can fit it into your budget, but this cream passes muster for me, and really makes the difference in my tea!!

It makes me love it ALMOST just as much as a satisfying Tazo Chai, and for less calories too (I hear those Tazo Chai Latte things are 500 calories each…am so glad BF is NOT into skinny girls)..

By the way, factor in the whole snowy, cold, icy thing, and the other fact that there is NO STARBUCKS in my area within about 30 minutes of driving to downtown Montreal, and you have a very happy FB on your hands on a cold wintry day holed up in her apartment.

This could also be great to take to work in the morning instead of just plain orange pekoe, cream and sugar. Or lemon and sugar with my tea.

Man. Flavoured coffee creamers. Who knew I’d be so happy over something so mundane? 😛

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