December 2008 Goals

Going to keep them simple this month so that I don’t disappoint myself.


1. Get my corporation taxes/earnings worked out.
Am going to talk to H&R Block and figure out what the procedure is. I am going to pay for them to be done cleanly and perfectly this year so that I don’t leave the country with any worries.

2. Get my financial institutions worked out, and get my credit reports
I’d like to consolidate all my assets into one bank (or two maximum), and know how much I have, and make sure I’m not paying any fees this year. I also want to order my credit reports and check through them carefully AFTER closing down Scotia Bank where I held my $15,000 loan.

3. Scan all my junk
I brought all my letters from home. I’d like to scan them all, and get things organized and sorted properly so that I can shred the papers, and back up all my work to keep it current now that I have two 1 Terabyte Hard drives. One as my Primary backup, the other as my Secondary backup.


4. For this month, I’d like to get back to Ontario and see my friends/family.
But I am really exhausted and I just saw them last month. May save this for 2009. I just want to relax….

5. Take care of my blog and write a ton of scheduled posts
I need to get my blog cleaned up. I’d like to sort out the posts, and maybe figure out a schedule or a plan.. or … just leave it the way it is, haphazard posting mixing in finance, interviews and style. We’ll see. I don’t want to overhaul it, but I want to feel more structured.

6. Update my lists on my financial holdings and assets.
Just in case something happens to me, I want it clear about where I hold money in everything, with IDs and passwords. I am thinking of leaving my Sunlife stuff in there until the market value = book value and then I’ll consolidate everything into one neat little bank.

7. Keep track of my spending for December with Net worth amounts, tracked, etc.
Been kind of lax here lately because of work. Starting December, I won’t fall behind again! Promise. Especially since it’s the first of December today.

8. Eat as much local food as possible
And by that, I mean eat at all my favourite restaurants here one last time before we leave. Mmmmm Portuguese tarts, Montreal smoked meat.. you know the drill!

9. Weed through my stuff at BF’s and ruthlessly toss what I don’t want/wear
Some of the stuff is just too tight for me now. I shrunk them in the wash by accident, etc. And I need to separate them out so that the super warm stuff stays at my parents’ place in Toronto, and the rest comes with me to Dallas.

10. Eat less.
Sounds contradictory to #8, but I’ve found that I’ve been eating more lately. I want to cut back on the cheese and meats, and go healthier.

That’s all I got for now. Let’s see how I do!

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