BF’s Frugality is going a bit too far…

BF wants us to give up internet when we move to Dallas, TX.

I think he’s taking this frugal thing a bit far.

He’s even had to be convinced that we NEED a table and chairs! Can you believe that?

And we’re talking about buying things from IKEA!!

I know I said having a frugal BF is great, but he’s 10 times more of a minimalist than I am and the thought of not even having a table and chairs boggles my mind. That, and maybe not having a little table from the front hallway, because I like to drop all my stuff into a box when I come into the door.

But this internet thing, is going too far, methinks.

We don’t even have TV, and we’re thinking of giving up the telephone and just having cellphones (which we rarely use anyway).

He’s gone mad… but maybe he’s pulling my leg. A bit. I hope.

So the count for furniture is:

1 Mattress Topper (we actually sleep on a 2″ futon on the floor because it’s better for our backs.. I find it extremely comfortable and now I cannot sleep in beds any longer)

1 Table

2 Chairs

C’est tout, mes amis.

Can you imagine what the apartment would look like? HAHAHA 🙂 Maybe I can pass it off as a Zen thing.

I asked about guests (my parents may visit), and he said we’d buy another Mattress Topper and another 2 pillows when the time comes.

But of course, our electronics will be around, I think he’s going to buy another sound system (he’s not bringing the large speakers he bought 4 years ago – too big), and I suppose a fire sale is in order now.

I guess we can slowly purchase things rather than buying everything we THINK we need at once. Right?

Update on the situation

BF now wants to move to Europe, give up everything, live without electricity, telephone, INTERNET (!!!!!!), television (no big loss there), books, and the luxuries of life.

He wants to live like a farmer in the fields, but an old farmer like how his grandfather and grandmother did.

Growing our own olives for oil, fruit, having chickens to lay eggs, a donkey to transport things, wheat to grind into flour…

I`m half loving the romantic aspect of this, and the other half of me is screaming in horror.


I just hope this dream of his dies a quick, painful death. Or else he`s going to hook into this with his claws and never let it go, I`ll have to hear about it for the entire length of 2009.

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