2008 in Review

Off the top of my head, this is how I see how this year went.

Am not going to bore you with details.

Just the main bits.


  • Commuted 24 hours a week. (12 hours for work and 10 hours on the weekend to see BF).
  • Moved back in with parents and paid rent + bought own food as to not be a parasite.
  • Sold as much as I could on FB Closet (5o% of my closet sold) and raised around $1000 total which went straight into debt, save for 15% which I donated to the Canadian Cancer Society.


  • Completely and finally cleared my Canada Student Loans ($30,000).
  • Started to get annoyed with company I was working for and their stupidity.
  • Started talking with BF about moving to Dallas, Texas.
  • Continued crazy commute of 24 hours a week.


  • Continued crazy commute of 24 hours a week.
  • Had enough of company.
  • Quit job in a spectacular huff to teach them a lesson.
  • Started my own company, reading all the documents in French with BF’s help.
  • Secured a contract that lasted until November, which helped build up my fat EF fund, cover Savings and Living expenses for the next while.


  • Failed first driving test because of nervousness.
  • Had bought a car prematurely in anticipation of being able to drive it and avoid public transportation. Oops.
  • Traveled the entire month on business which put a strain on me and on BF.
  • Made some mad money. Kind of went by in a blur.


  • Cleared the last $15,000 of my student debt. Officially debt free.
  • Mad more mad money. Worked insane amounts of time and almost burned out, got really tired, cranky.
  • Invested $4000 into retirement fund just to make my TD fund hit over $10,000 just so I don’t have to pay an annual fee any more.
  • Got my driver’s license. WOO HOO! I can drive now! Drove for a week and loved it.


  • Took the month off.
  • Spent the month writing about 3 months worth of scheduled posts for the blog. Yes, I have posts all the way up into March 2009.
  • Became enamored with “Privileged”. How? Why? I’m bored. Their outfits are cute.
  • Started cooking more and became obsessed with tomatillos. Did you know they’re delish with Thai curries?
  • Got yelled at by my family. WTF? Okay, turning the other cheek for 2009.
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