Why I am moving to Dallas, Texas

Everyone’s curious about why I want Dallas, Texas specifically.

1. The food was tasty when we were there. It would have been awful to never have found good grocery stores or areas to shop at, but we found them EVERYWHERE!

2. It’s a big hub for our area

3. Lots of corporations looking to hire us. I get a lot of headhunters trying to recruit me for the States.

4. It’s in a pleasant area that doesn’t have too much snow or ice.

5. Everyone was very VERY friendly there and family-oriented (or at least, that’s what it seemed compared to Montreal).

6. Texas is rich.

7. The cost of living is low.

8. They seem to be more laid back and less stressed out than Toronto. Everyone just takes it easy.

9. I’m really not that far from Canada – it’s just a short plane ride back to see my parents.

10. We’re just giving it a try. If we don’t like it there, we’ll move in another couple of years to another state, or another country or even continent. But I think we’ll be fine in Dallas, it seems to suit what we want in terms of our long-term goals.

Pretty anti-climatic huh? 🙂

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