This is some mad spending, FB…

I just totted up my numbers from what I spent last week.

I had budgeted about $1000 for the weekend because I knew it’d be some expensive dinners out, dentist/doctor appointments, and some retail therapy *guilty look* because Toronto has the most amazing fashion and accessories that I just cannot find in Montreal (and/or don’t know and am too lazy to go to in Montreal).

EVERYONE! Before reading the numbers below, please keep in mind the following:

I do feel guilty. Very, very guilty. And I shouldn’t because this kind of spending has never happened since I started on this financial fitness thing about 2 years ago. But as Ginger mentioned, I SHOULD feel guilty so that the guilt NEVER goes away to remind me that I have to stay on track. Although now, I don’t think that’s a problem. I’m good at staying on track.

I (kind of) deserve it. I know this is a really bad thing to be saying as a PF blogger but I feel like I worked some crazy hours last week, and a little (conscious) retail therapy was what I needed. Kind of like a blurge (which is a made up FB word consisting of: binge + splurge)

So I had in mind to spend about $1000 last week and another $600 this weekend (I know, totally mad numbers, but I wanted like a “Lost Weekend” kind of big hurrah before I leave Canada)

AND I SHOULD NOT be saying this since I’ve been kind of preachy about not increasing your spending with increasing your income… but I did work a lot of overtime last week (almost another full-time job of 40 hours) and spending about 12 hours of that pay on blurging is bad, but not ulcer and debt-inducing.

But I am cutting off all spending after this weekend is done, and I’m going to keep a tight rein on spending this weekend. I have a birthday thing to celebrate, another dinner to pay for (the other half of my family), and just ONE shop I want to visit to see whether there are any other wrap dresses (I have no idea where I am going to find this fabulous wrap dress designer named BIONIC after I leave Canada).

I will not be seeing friends/family until Summer of 2009 because we’re moving so soon

Purse: $25

This is because it’s just too damn pretty to pass up, and I’ve been driving myself mad trying to keep my business and personal expenses apart (in terms of cash on hand and the receipts). I simply needed another wallet to split things out that could hold coins, and this one was quite pretty…

And $25 is kind of cheap. Sure, I could use a coin purse and something equally ugly, but I may switch all my stuff over to this wallet in the future. I really love it!

Medical/Dental stuff: $173.99

Birth control pills and getting my teeth cleaned. Boring but necessary.

I’m buying a stock of 3 more month’s worth of pills on Friday so that I can stop trying to remember when to go back to the doctor to harass him for more pills.

Clothing: $428.27

Bought a grey wrap dress that I am in LOVE with ($150) and because I can never find really great wrap dresses that I love. It’s always that the material sucks, the colour sucks or there is too much pattern. The designer is Canadian, called BIONIC.

It is ALMOST like this Diane von Furstenburg below, but less low cut (maybe she didn’t tie it tight enough in that pic), and a really beautiful grey. Fits like a glove.

2 comfortable sweater-like blazers to replace my other two (they’re getting too small for me… I think I shrunk them by accident or I am definitely eating too much)

This is exactly what I bought but in a kind of white and that grey below. The beauty is that they are LIKE sweaters… but NOT! πŸ™‚

I always buy as many colours as I can the minute I see something similiar to what I normally wear to work, because if I don’t, I tend to regret it a season later when I wish I had purchased them when I saw them.

Regret. A shopaholic’s greatest fear.

1 super thick hoodie/sweater/jacket thing because I shrunk the other cotton ones by accident (well, BF tried to help and ended up throwing them into the dryer which shrunk them), and they were also too thin to wear as a hoodie in the winter. Plus, this hoodie is GREAT for travelling.

This is EXACTLY what I bought, except it was not $109. It was $80 on sale and I love it. Now that I’m driving (YESS!) I don’t have a need for a super thick winter coat for the while, until it snows.

Haircut: $89.25

She did a great job! I couldn’t leave a tip though πŸ™

Something about them not having cash on hand? Anyway, next time I go back, she’s getting a double tip because that was SUCKY not having cash on hand to tip her. I almost want to go back this Friday and tip her.

I’d post pictures of my hair (even with my face blacked out), but I’m still paranoid about anonymity, so I’m not doing it.


Meals: $321


But keep in mind, I don’t eat out much. There’s 2 meals here. One for my family (parents and brother), the other for my one friend (just her and me) for her birthday dinner.

Total spend for last Friday, Saturday, Sunday: $1012.51*

*not including the $400 I spent on Etsy necklaces…. Yeahhh….

On the bright side, they’re shown below in their cute boxes (still waiting for one more to arrive), and I should note that I was GOING to spend up to $400 (tax included) and buy myself a dark brown leather jacket as a WOO HOO! gift for passing my driving test, but I think I’ve done enough damage.

Let’s just call the whole thing even, shall we? The necklaces are my celebratory present to myself for passing my test. πŸ™‚

I’m wearing this one right now. It’s actually v. heavy but very beautiful.

I am dying to wear this one tomorrow.

And these others on Thursday and Friday!

And that does it for the FB Mad Spending Recap….

Upcoming next week is the Part 2 to this, to detail out how much I spent (this upcoming weekend) on dinner, birthday and a wee bit of shopping.

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