Since it’s a blog, I have to confess right?

I bought 2 more necklaces on Etsy…

I just had to. They were too gorgeous and unique to pass up. Include those in the shopping basket along with:

But Ellen tells me that the first one with the black flowers may not be so kosher to send out *cries* She offered a replacement filigree design but I was really set on the flowers….

Can’t wait for them to come in the mail. I’ll show ’em off on the blog once they’re here.

C’mon FB, total spent?

Urg. I feel guilty saying this. I really do. I know y’all are probably going to tell me that splurging once in a while is fine, but that little… inner voice of mine is cringing from 2 years of hardcore frugality with very minor but justified splurges.

These splurges can’t even be justified! I can’t even use them for my business, they’re just for me and my pleasure alone.

Sunset necklace = $93
Monet necklace = $100
Flower + Pearl Necklace = $38 *but I may not even buy it after all πŸ™
Turquoise Necklace = $35

Total damage: $266 before CAD > USD conversion and before shipping

I’m thinking the damage is around $280 for 4 necklaces (maybe cheaper, depending on what Ellen’s answer is).

Maybe I better stop checking out Etsy now. You think?….

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