Ode to BFs

BFs are awesome.

Mine made me lunches for the entire week (I wolfed down my lunch, it was so good)

He also woke up at 6 a.m. with me to help my sorry ass attach my new license plate to my new FB Mobile (by the way, I drove it, felt comfortable and loved every minute of my commute this morning. I can’t wait to leave work just so I can drive back home).

All I did was ask for the tools to do it but he did it for me without just pointing to where the tools were.

BFs help you with your career profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook or Dice, and tell you how to get more recruiter calls.

BFs also put in car mats in your car without you asking.

BFs also change your windshield wipers to the new ones you bought without asking.

And BFs take your car in for an oil change because you were stuck at work all week with no way of getting back to do it in time.

BFs also tell you they love you all the time and talk about how much they missed you this month, and they really, really mean it.


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