Ode to BFs Part 2

BFs thoughtfully bring home insurance forms for you to put in your car just in case you get in an accident and need to fill out the forms.

BFs send you lists of recruiter names to email your resume to, because he wants you to move to the States with him at the same time if possible

BFs spend the time cuddling with you and rubbing your belly because it hurts for some reason

BFs don’t complain when you stick your cold feet under their thick, warm thighs to get them warmer

BFs keep you updated with Facebook gossip when you get home from a long day

BFs don’t complain when they are cooking all the time while you’re lying on the couch reading on Google Reader almost every day

BFs remind you to take your rainboots/winter boots out because it’s getting wet and slushy and they don’t want your feet to get cold

BFs also remind you that you have yoga tonight and to come home a bit earlier so we can go together

BFs aren’t perfect, but he sure is right now!!!

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