How am I going to pack everything to move?

BF’s solution is he is going to toss everything (even his expensive cookware, etc???) that he doesn’t need and just bring the essentials like clothes.

To me, it sounds like a good idea. Start from scratch.

So I’m taking this mini inventory in my head of what I have to bring and I’m glad to say, it’s not that much, IF we take into account that I am not bringing all my books with me. Uh huh.

I’m thinking all my furniture can stay in my old room as guest furniture.

1. Wardrobe stuff

(That’s like 2 suitcases right now with all my shoes, etc. Maybe 3.)

2. Books

(Only the ones I love. With the dogeared ones, I may just end up donating them even if I really love them. Am I really going to read them again? I’ll try and keep it to a box here. Almost wants me to get a E-Book Reader but I love flipping pages.)

3. Computers

(I have 2 laptops + accessories)

4. All my electronics

(All my hard drives especially)

5. Important papers

(Another boxful). I am SO HAPPY that I did all my heavy scanning a couple of weeks ago. Some papers are piling up, but most of it is ALL SCANNED, baby!!

6. Sentimental items

(There is this ONE duvet that my Godmother painstakingly sewed all the little patches of blue and yellow together for me before she passed away with cancer this year….)

7. DVDs? I think I’ll just give them away to friends. I rarely watch DVDs, except for Seinfeld and a couple of others I want to definitely keep like Sex and the City.

*racks brain* I kind of feel like that’s it.

Am I missing something? I guess the above there is about 5 boxes and 3 suitcases.

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