10 Things I Won’t Give Up To Save Money

Stole this from Julie Rains over at Wise Bread. I found it to be an interesting post.

In no particular order:

1. High Speed Internet

If not only for blogging purposes, but for my excessive use of email to stay in touch and get information from anyone and everyone. That, and Google Maps to help my directionally-challenged self.

Plus I NEED it as a consultant. You can take my cellphone away, but not my laptop or the internet.

2. Good Food

I’m talking sometimes organic, fresh farmer’s market fare. Nothing too processed (except the Haagen-Daaz ice cream I have grown addicted to), and nothing frozen like a frozen dinner, or out of a box.

She makes a good point in her post too – it will help on healthcare costs for the future.

3. Medical Expenses (Dental, Health)


It costs more in the long run if you DON’T take care of yourself.

4. My Palm Tungsten E2 (or now my new baby, the T|X)

It’s the only thing that keeps me sane, organized and paperless. I keep all my contacts in there, information, recipes, memos, and agendas.

5. Laptop

Goes without saying. I need money. And it’s handier than a Desktop. If I HAD to choose between a Windows PC and a Mac, I’d pick the Windows PC because of my job. The Mac doesn’t seem to be properly supported on client sites, and it’s just not cut out for the corporate world. Unfortunately.

6. Contacts

I know I can wear glasses and they last for many many years over contacts, but goddamnit, when you’re out in the cold and you come into a warm place, you’re BLIND for a couple of seconds, and it’s really annoying. Plus, with contacts, it feels like ‘my eyes’.

7. Education

I’m really happy I paid $60k to get my education. Now I’m properly set in my career and I can see it lasting for a long, long time. And if not, I can switch into something else fairly easily.

My education really prepared me for the real world, and I’m glad that I learned important lessons about school and life while in school instead of floundering now with a less expensive degree.

8. Biking and its accessories

I absolutely need to bike. It’s healthy, I’m used to it now, and it’s really nice to do something fun and free like that with BF. Too bad it’s winter already šŸ™

9. All my external hard drives and USB Keys

They keep me backed up, on track, current, and feeling SECURE that things are fine and will be fine – as in I won’t lose my data in a heartbeat and have to start from scratch.

10. Organizing supplies

Folders, accordion profiles, labels…. Without these things, I would’ve been lost trying to organize myself to get out of debt, deal with my life and start a company + incur a ton of expenses within the first couple of months of moving to a new city.

I can forego a TV (I have the internet), a car (I have a bike or public transit if I need to), and anything else that may seem essential to others. Granted, if I lived in the country, a car would be essential, but I plan on being in U.S. cities.

What are your 10 must-haves?

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