10 Things I hate about Hotel Rooms

As you all know I’ve been travelling for the past 3 weeks on business.

Not exactly my cup of tea since the whole point of moving to Montreal, Canada was so I could be with BF, but …. when money calls, it screams.

Here’s my random list of 10 things I really don’t like about hotel rooms when I am travelling on business (or sometimes for pleasure)

1. Not enough power outlets.

2. Lack of good views all around the hotel. I’m currently looking out on a parking lot.

3. Lack of light (or too much light and they’re stealing all the damn outlets!)

4. No solid desks to work on that have space for a mouse, a hard drive and papers. I feel scrunched on this little wooden thing.

5. A coffee maker….. but what if I wanted tea, not coffee?

6. No mini fridge to store leftovers

7. The bed being too soft (I like my bed very hard)

8. Blankets aren’t thick enough/Bad pillows

9. The toiletries they give you really strip your hair/skin and I have to bring ALL my products zipped in a tiny little plastic bag as per the security rules *rolls eyes*

10. They are chock full of allergens, dust and snifflies. My eyes turn bright red after a day in a hotel room.

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