They gave me my money back!

Know how I spent $272.92 on the kind of faux Green Card Lottery thing? They returned my money (almost all) in the sum of $240.14)!

That means I only spent (or lost, however you want to see it) $32.78!!!

This is a VERY happy surprise for me, since it fuh-reaked me out that it wasn’t the real site, AND that it was actually FREE to apply for the Green Card Lottery.


However, they said they already applied me for the program coming up for 2010 :-/ but the picture requirements changed, so now I’m just confused as to how they managed to get me in there.

*sigh* I’ll just write the 2010 Green Card Lottery off (mentally, while still hoping for the best), and hope for 2011 to be the better year to apply.

On the bright side, I had a dream last night that BF and I won the Green Card Lottery.


At the same time.

The real Green Card Lottery site is here on this website:

And here is the actual link:

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