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Let’s do a quick run down on First Lady Fashion shall we? Michelle Obama, 44, and Cindy McCain, 53 as well as a bit on Sarah Palin’s awesome jacket.

Cindy’s face scares me by the way. I’d rather see wrinkles, laugh lines and spots, than that kind of weird, stretched out mask she calls a face. Her fashion however, is a different story. I’m not American but I do follow your elections just because I find it interesting and almost all the bloggers I read are American. And I see a lot of fabulous outfits on the both of them.

A bit of a background:

Cindy is an heiress to a beer fortune and has probably swam in money since she was born. She was also a former rodeo queen and doesn’t seem to care much about being carefully budgeted.

Michelle Obama however, grew up in a four-story bungalow in Chicago, the studious daughter of blue-collar parents; she went on to an Ivy League education and a career as a lawyer.

What they both have in common, is PEARLS. Lots of pearls.

Michelle seems to prefer the safer, more neutral labels. Kind of boring actually. Think: J.Crew, Ann Taylor.. she is also quite conservative in her makeup, and her appearance, not daring to flash too much. But she sure knows how to sass it up sometimes, but not often.

I think you’d agree, most of her choices are pretty safe, neutral and budget friendly for the average American Jane.

That is such a cute shot 🙂

The floral dress is sexy, covered yet appropriate.

I actually like this entire outfit. The leather cut belt and ruffled top.. But it kind of suffocates her.

This dress was $99 and coveted by ALL. I LOVE it. The open neck is a lot more flattering on her.

This is a gorgeous shot of her neck in Vogue.

Again with the ruffly neck.

The kids are cute, but the dress on Michelle… not my style.

That sheath is perfectly cut for her, but the shade of purple is unflattering.

I LOVE this black dress on her.

The colour is better, but the jacket is a bit of a ruffly mess.

Cindy on the other hand, likes high-end designers (nautrally). Think: Escada, Herrera, and isn’t QUITE as staunch and as conservative as Michelle. She showed up wearing a thin leather COAT, which is unheard of. I like her style a lot better to be honest. She’s on trend and a clean dresser, plus the colours suit her beautifully.

She’s really into that turtleneck + blazer thing. I am too!!!!

This is a stunning look on her. White with ivory. Makes me want it for myself.

White really is a good colour on her.
Up close look of her accessories. Not cheap at all..

I love this shot of her in Vogue. Casual, clean… fresh

Is that mohair?
Again, turtleneck and suit. SOOOO up my alley.

I am a fan of the pearl choker.

Ugh. Green. Not a good shade on her.

Funky cut jacket.
That jacket looks too big on her.
I like this powerful shot of her in red.

Sarah Palin is thrown in there for good measure because I LOVE this jacket in the picture. She’s a hockey mom and her clothing choices are nice, but not really fabulous sometimes – just the same old black suit, it seems. But that one dark metal jacket in the pictures below took my breath away. She needs to lose the bangs and take a few tips from Cindy.

And did you know that they forked out $150,000 to make her presentable (in clothing, hair and makeup) for her acceptance speech!?

According to Politico, the Republican National Committee shelled out $150,000 for clothes and accessories for Palin and some of her family.

Neiman-Marcus hit the jackpot with over $75,000 being spent there while nearly $50,000 was dropped at Saks Fifth Avenue.

The Associated Press reports that “the RNC also spent $4,902 at Atelier, a stylish men’s clothing store in New York. Other purchases included a $92 romper and matching hat with ears for Palin’s baby, Trig, at Pacifier, a baby store in Minneapolis.”

Puh-LEASE. You don’t need to drop that kind of cash to be fashionable. Look at Michelle Obama? That gorgeous black and white dress from The View? It cost $99!!! And she was STUNNING in it!!!!!


To ANON in the comments:

Shut up or put up.

(In case you don’t get it, by putting up, I mean post pictures of yourself on your blog and tell me what style is).

If you want to dress like a slut in the office in a miniskirt and heels, by all means, go ahead. I’m just going to judge you when I see you and think you’re a total tart who’s going to sleep her way to the top, that’s all.

I like the way Cindy McCain dresses. She’s appropriate for her age (not a spring chicken), she looks well put together, beautiful, smart and elegant.

She’s not in ribbed turtlenecks, she’s choosing elegant colours, and as a potential First Lady, she CANNOT be dressed in a miniskirt (even if she was younger) or in inappropriate clothing.

Did you get that? Or are you just so sure that if you *cough* ever made it to be the First Lady of America you’d be slutting it up all over the place?

The woman has to look more conservative than normal, and I for one, quite like that. I like the look of turtlenecks and blazers, but I wouldn’t wear that everyday. I just like that look, albeit conservative.

Better conservative than slutty. Women put too much out there today.

Clearly you have a certain sense of style that’s very different from mine. But it’s certainly not elegant or conservative from what I can decipher.

None of you readers have to ever follow any of my advice or observations. You can disagree with all of them, but you just know how some women feel when they see girls dressed like skanks in the office, or not covering up enough because they want to put it all out there with boobs a butt, etc.

That is totally fine, but just know, that we’re judging you. And if you can live with that, then flaunt it.

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