Mandatory life skills?

Apparently this is a list of required ‘life skills’. I think I can do about half of them, and the other quarter is irrelevant and/or I don’t know.

Iron a shirt Yes. I can definitely do this.

Put out a fire Yes. If given water, and/or a fire extinguisher.

Install a graphics card No, but I can install RAM. Should be about the same.

Move heavy stuff Yes. But I’m a woman – I have a limit on what I can lift.

Change a tire No. Just got a car, am going to learn.

Jump start a car Yes. This one I know, you just put jumper cables on, and poof.

Grill with charcoal No. I have no clue how to. But I know how to grill with wood now.

Tie a necktie I used to be able to for school. I’m sure I could pick it up again.

Ditch your hard drive WTF does this mean? You mean like wipe out my hard drive if it dies? Then yes.

Fix your toilet tank flapper Yes.

Sew a button on a shirt Yes. Goes with ironing a shirt for me.

Shoot a home movie No. Never owned a video camera, but I think my amateurish skills would be put to good use here.

Solder wire Yes.

Shine shoes Yes.

Perform a Heimlich No, but I know theoretically how it’s done, however I’ve never been formally trained.

Drive a stick shift No, and I never will.

Wax a car No.

Replace a faucet washer Yes.

Remove a tick No?

Change a diaper No.

Calibrate HDTV setting I don’t own a TV. Kind of moot.

Hitch up a trailer to your car No.

Build a fire in the wilderness With wood? Done. Just need a lighter or else I’m there rubbing sticks together.

Grow food Yes.

Read an electric meter No.

Carve a turkey Yes.

Use a sewing machine No. I had one, but not any longer.

Fold a flag Yes.

Escape a rip current No.

Make a drum tight bed No.

Remove bloodstains from fabric WHY FOR? But no. Only if I have stain remover agents.

Tie a bowline What the hell is a bowline?

What a nice mix of nature and tech skills. Did they ever think about putting Cooking, Cleaning or How to be polite in there? 😛

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