I failed, y’all… but it was the best failure ever.

But I am strangely optimistic!

I failed my driving test. *sigh* It’s too embarrassing to talk about.

I think my problem was I was expecting it to be harder, so I made myself UBER nervous. I was PERFECT for 3 hours in the car, and then I got into the seat with the driving woman and I f*cked up royally.

I was kind of waiting for someone to pull out and smash into me or something totally awful since I’m so used to driving in Montreal with the weird streets and weird drivers, and today was just NOT my day with that guy pulling out behind me at the last minute and my having turned around, having been the SPLIT SECOND he came up behind me which caused the instructor to BRAKE HARD to stop me from hitting that car. Bad luck.

On the plus side, I learned a whole bunch of new nasty things about driving instructors from my awesome driving instructor in Cornwall.

1. They will tell you HALF of what is required, so that you fail and come back for more lessons.

No joke, apparently Young Drivers does this A LOT. They tell you at the end of the course that you need 6 more lessons and THEN you’ll be ready.

It’s just to sell more lessons.

2. They will not only tell you half of what is needed to pass, but sometimes MORE than is needed just to confuse you.

Like staying PERFECTLY in the middle of the lane and making you feel like you SUCK because you weren’t perfectly centered in the lane, like a whole bunch of sh*t that is very important.. BUT ONLY AFTER YOU LEARN HOW TO DRIVE.

And not while you’re learning how to drive at all because you’re so busy concentrating on just being in the car. I just had my old instructor’s voice in my head going “And now slowly merge to the right..” and it screwed me up because it made me even more nervous because I felt like a failure.

3. Learning how to parallel park is a cinch.

You just need to learn the proper method. The whole backing up and cranking the wheel hard twice while backing up is a load of crock.

Doing it the other method where you angle the car 45 degrees, back up, straighten the wheel, and then back up until the bumpers meet, and then crank the wheel is HELLA simpler and a lot easier to understand/learn. I parallel parked like a Queen today.

4. Driving schools try to save as much money as possible.

This means, they don’t put you in the car nearly half as often as they should, and they spend most of the first half of that, sitting around, talking about what that driver did wrong, or what THAT driver did wrong and pointing out people’s bad mistakes instead of letting you get behind the wheel.

Why? Because it costs gas, and it wears on the car.

5. Schools try and keep their cars as long as possible.

A good school, is one that has a car, never more than 2 – 3 years old.

And a good school does NOT have a KIA that does NOT have power-assisted steering or is very dirty and awful to drive in. A good school has a decent car that is comfortable.

6. The best instructors are easy going and they don’t try to destroy your confidence by saying That was ALMOST good.

They just say That was good, but let’s try doing it again to get used to it.

See the difference?

The first phrase from my first driving instructor in Montreal shattered my confidence in wanting to try.

The second phrase, was from my second driving instructor, who was a LOT easier to deal with and handle in Cornwall and I felt a hell of a lot more confident.

I am going to kill it next time.

In the end, I failed. Yes. I will retake the test in about 3-4 weeks, whenever I can get an appointment, but the key is that I failed, but I am happy about it. Confident even.


I just needed to have a better instructor from the get-go, that’s all.

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