Food and Meal Strategies

Living Almost Large did a great post on meal strategies and asks if premade foods are cheap or expensive.

For me, expensive. That’s because I do everything from scratch.

But in a pinch, they’d be cheaper than going out.

I thought this’d be a good post to do on meal strategies because it’s nice to hear what other people are doing and it’s nice to see what I could do to improve the situation I’m in.

Currently, we cook 2 batches of food. One for lunches all week, the other for meals at night, and on the weekends, we switch it up with ‘special’ meals on Saturday and Sunday. (I say “we”, but I really mean “BF” in this case haha)

I eat the same thing all week for lunch, with different fruits to make it a bit more interesting, and I eat the same thing all week for dinner.

Although BF has a way of making it so that he can eat rice with whatever meat or veggie combination he makes, and he makes pasta especially for me to use the same combination.

It’s just that he prefers rice and I’m more into pasta, but cooking twice is silliness, so he cooks once for the meat + veggies, and twice for the sides. It doesn’t always work, but it does most of the time.

Everything we eat is made from scratch except for pizza dough, which we buy in its raw, already pounded form, from an Italian grocery store. We even make our own sauces (not soy sauce of course), but pasta sauces, etc….

We don’t ever buy pre-made sauces, meats or pre-marinated items. Everything is done at home, and for much, much cheaper. Plus, we enjoy cooking so it isn’t a chore.

What are your meal strategies?

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