Estimated Living Expenses

Just got my ‘bill’ from BF the other day and thought I’d share what my new expenses are, now that I have a breakdown.

Update: My car insurance ended up being $30. Read the post here

That’s my rough budget for the month. I’ll have a better idea of the numbers after this month because I’ll have my car by then, with the insurance and everything else calculated.

I could probably cut down on the food a bit too if I didn’t ask for such exotic, delicious meals. And I’m also overestimating a bit on the numbers so that I don’t get screwed like with the cost of insurance, I’m hoping it’s around $30/month or less…

And as for gas, I hope I won’t be driving much. Just to work and back, and sometimes downtown to practice driving. Oh… I ought to put paying for parking with a parking meter in there too. That’d be about another $13 a month or so, I’ll take that out of my miscellaneous funds and rejig the numbers when they’re more concrete.

I’ll even have $200 of my debt repayment to play around with as miscellaneous or “saving” for stuff like my upcoming dentist appointment and driving tests.

What the hell does this all mean?

That means that if I have around even $20,000 saved after taxes…

$20,000 / $1500 = 13.3333 months of living

Which is around 13 months let’s say. But I am going to need to:
– Make a trip back to Toronto (Train ticket cost)
– Pay for a dental appointment
– Pay for driving lessons
– Pay for driving test

… I’m going to say 12 months of living, or a year just to make sure I have enough for incidental spending.

*phew* And I’d be debt free too.

Plus I have a potential client I can go to for a job in January, which is perfect timing for when this project is done.

Oh and I wanted to also move my retirement accounts up another notch by $3000 to take advantage of the flagging market and buy funds on the cheap.

I just know y’all will bounce back.

I have total faith and 40 years to see it happen before I retire.

Fingers crossed, things go as planned…

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