Cost of a (Second-Hand) FB Mobile

Finally sat down and worked out all the numbers for the cost of my car, my having a car, and my learning how to drive, said car.

(The snowbrush, scraper and other car essentials is an estimate at $75. I don’t know how much it’ll cost because I can’t even find the damn scrapers in the stores right now).

I know it’s kind of cheap compared to what it COULD have cost me, but….DAYUM!!!!!

On the plus side, it’s all a lot of one-time costs (like my driving lessons and the license change), and when it went to the mechanic to have its oil changed, and it passed with flying colours. The car is in perfect condition and could probably run for another 5 to 10 years.

The car not starting deal? Just needed a new battery.

That squeaking noise? Totally gone. It was just because it needed some good oil.

The rust? Barely noticeable. BF did some spray on magic and if only they had taken better care of the car, it could’ve looked almost brand new.

Car won’t automatically lock, it’s all physical? Uhh…. yea. That’s still a problem. Something wrong with the remote control to be able to electronically lock all the doors so I just have to unlock each door one by one. But on the plus side it has a remote control starter. 😀

Other than the upcoming payment of around $400 for winter tires, the car is in fantastic shape and I’m kind of sad that I’ll be leaving Canada and leaving the car here. However, on the plus side, I can sell it for probably about the same price I bought it because it’s in such good shape and condition, especially after replacing the battery and changing the oil.

Once we get to the States however, I’m buying a brand new car. No need to dilly dally, and I have to save up for it first, but I am definitely NOT going to buy second hand again only because I got really lucky with the minivan but I can see how problems with used cars can arise.

I also know nothing about cars in general, and I’d probably get fleeced.

All in all, a pretty good car buying experience and first car purchase. With much love and thanks to BF of course because he really helped me a bundle on everything, from picking out the car, to getting me there, to giving me a name of a good insurance company. *heart*

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