Car Insurance Update

Car insurance seems to be a hot topic with everyone and two of you (kindly) weighed in with your “FB you are f&cking kidding me with your car insurance estimate!

No kidding!

It’s a good thing I got my insurance before I read your comments because I would’ve freaked out and chewed nails in the corner, AND this is the quote I got:

$354 for a whole year as a brand new driver who has never had car insurance in her life, woman, age 25, with a soon-to-be license with the bare minimum liability of $1,000,000.

That’s $29.50 a month!


My original budget was for $100 a month.

In Ontario, I’d be paying $100 – $150/month or maybe more!

And in Quebec, I’m only paying $30 a month!

That means that I “saved” about $70 in my budgeting spreadsheet and I was overestimating it!!!!!

I guess Ontario really fleeces their drivers making them pay almost 3 times or four times what I’m paying in Quebec. 🙁

Boo-urns. And I was so rooting for the English province too…

So, Anonymous, I went with La Capitale Ensurance Generale, and as a new driver with no previous insurance, I am only paying around $30/month. (Apologies for missing accents for all the Francophones).

Getting my license

So an update on my driving situation. I got a car. This car is being picked up tomorrow with the help of BF and his friend *heart*, and I’ve booked my driving license appointment for near to the end of October in a little city in Ontario.

Then I’m going to take that license and convert it into a Quebec one, because apparently you can’t convert LEARNER’S PERMITS, only real licenses. WTF. If I wanted a Quebec license now, I’d have to go through the whole Learner’s Permit, studying written test crap again.

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