Appropriate BF/GF Outing Behaviours

I don’t know how girls/women deal with guys going to strip clubs, but personally I detest the idea. I don’t do it, and if BF did it, I would never want to hear about it nor know that he was there because I’d think less of him.

Harsh but true.

It’s better if I don’t know.

Same goes for porn, although to be fair, we have looked at it together* but he doesn’t keep a porn collection or anything, not that I’m aware of, considering I am basically with him almost 24/7 except for work (and I’m sure he doesn’t carry porn on a USB key to work or watch it at work)…

*I should clarify that we looked at it each other just for a comparison sake on fake boobs vs. real boobs and how to tell the difference, and to look up what some of the words meant in ‘sex’ vocabulary because we had no idea what they were talking about on YouTube. But we don’t actually watch porn or go to sites together to look at porn, only for reference sake.

But that’s besides the point of the post. What irks me the most about boyfriends is the constant check up.

I hate it. I hate it with a passion.

When I say: I am going out, I’ll be back later, maybe past 9 because we may be going out to dinner and talking late into the night, all I want to hear back is: Fine have a good time and be safe. Call if you’ll be back past midnight or else I’ll worry.

What I DON’T want, is him calling me every hour past 9 p.m. asking “Are you back yet?” .. Um NO. I’m not, I’m clearly still out with the girls so back the hell off. (P.S. This is not in reference to current BF, but to old BFs).

Then the worst is when they’re bloody hypocrites. When THEY go out, and say they’ll be back “Whenever“, I press them for the time and I get the whole Hey, why are you sweatin’ me? I said I’d be out!. Okay buddy, but it’s a two way street.

All I want is to know that you WILL be going out (some BFs haven’t told me and I stayed up until 2 a.m. one night freaking out about whether he was okay or not because he didn’t call or pick up his cell phone), and I also want to know an approximate time to expect you back so that I know either that I want to chance waiting up for you, or I just lock the door and sleep.

That’s it. Pretty simple. I won’t call every hour, or two hours unless there’s an emergency, and you can just relax and be alone.

It’s what I want, it’s what you want. So give it to me.

But every couple is different which begs the question:

What are your appropriate levels of checking in, checking out, or notifying your BF or GF when you’ll be gone?

Is it an hour? Half hour? Never (like me)? Am I a weirdo!?

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