10 Organizing Tips

1) Edit, edit edit.

I constantly edit my things and belongings, because if you own 5 different types of pots or baskets for example, you end up only using one in the end. The other way to do it is if you KNOW you need a box or a basket, go and search/find the PERFECT box/basket so that you don’t buy a lookalike-kinda-like-what-you-want-but-not-really and end up spending (wasting) more money when you finally find the real thing. 

Keep repeating to yourself: You’ve lived without it until now, you can live without it for longer.

2) Let it go.

I do this quite a bit. I let go of stuff to be donated. My problem was I never drove, so getting it to the shops was a pain in the ass. I AM going to be able to drive soon, so I can just drive myself and my old things after I categorize it all in November. 

3) It’s only “stuff”.

If you put it away or let it go, you probably won’t even know it’s gone. Have you ever put stuff in the basement or in a box and never realized you had it until years later when you rummaged through it? Precisely. 

5) One in – one out

I’m awful at this one-in-one-out rule, but I am working on doing it with my clothes. I bought a pair of pants last month to replace my other pair, and I can see that my old pair is ready to go into the bin, so I feel good about starting this new habit. 

6) Own what you love.
It’s like owning jewellery. Own what you love. I love a lot of necklaces and earrings, but I had triple or quadruple that amount that I never wore. Now I just have my favourites.

7) Buy storage in bulk.
Having a streamlined, uncluttered look is key. If you buy boxes in bulk, especially all in one colour or one shade of colour, then it looks nicer than haphazardly all over the place in weird colours and patterns.

Once BF and I move to a new apartment, I am buying the furniture that works for ME, not him. BF can organize, but I’m the one that knows how to make it efficient.

8) Corral your Clutter.
I have this box by the door where I dump my keys, money, wallet, everything. Best organization tool ever. And I set up a charging station where I plugged in a large extension cord with slots, and put in each plug. When I’m not using the station I just shut off the power to the plug, and it controls clutter.

Paper clutter? I scan everything I can.

9) Rotate your collections.
I tend to also display one beautiful thing, then switch it out for another beautiful thing. But generally speaking I ought to cut down on this because it can get a bit ridiculous to keep switching things in and out.

I just rotate virtual things, like my desktop pictures or screensavers LOL

10) Buy white.
White everything. Except clothes because they get dirty. It just looks clean, organized, and it doesn’t jar your vision because you don’t see a mix of many colours, just one. You can mix in silver, or lighter pastels, but I tend to stick to white, ivory or silver. The very pale neutrals so that anything I have, goes with it.

Plus it never goes out of style and you don’t get sick of it (unlike that sunshine yellow which you may now hate with a passion).

White is also the cheapest. Everything comes in standard white – even kitchen appliances, and they’re about $200 cheaper from what I recall.

About the Author

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