Would you choose pay over camaraderie at work?

Dolly Iris is going through a tough time deciding on her blog about leaving her job which she HATES but loves the people she works with, to go to a job with better pay/working environment but with people she could potentially hate. (Which by the way, I don’t think is gonna happen).

It got me thinking:

Would you rather have a job that pays well with people you hate, or a job that pays badly but with people you absolutely love?

(Yes, we all know that both would be ideal)

But at what point is the job paying “enough”? And at what point are people “fun to work with”?

At work where I am right now, the people are nice, but I wouldn’t necessarily call them fun to work with, or become good friends with them. Maybe it’s just the nature of being a consultant, but I HAVE met people at client site I’d hang out with after work or be with… but generally, I’m in the mindset that I’m there to do a good job and to keep people happy (with a good atmosphere around us).

And what about money?

How much is enough? Is enough when it’s enough to pay the bills + save a bit? Or is too much never enough?

For me, it’d be if I was able to pay ALL of the major bills and necessities with half of my pay per month and to have 50% of my net pay as a buffer.

That’d be an ideal situation for me and what I’d consider “enough” money to feel comfortable. Although, if I can make more money, I ain’t never gonna turn it down! 🙂 Or if I KNEW I could make more money, then what I make would not be enough for me.

What do you think?

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