This has been a spend-y month for me…

Wow. I just and looked at my numbers.

(Be forewarned!!! All you PF and Frugal bloggers out there might have a mini heart attack, I know I sure the hell did.)

18.05 – Headphones (mine ripped out of the earbud the other day)

114.75 – New contacts & glasses for new prescription (am trying out Zenni Optical – will let you know how it goes)

150.23 – Luggage + Umbrella

190.00 – Meals Eating out (one is for my parents, one is to thank BF)

192.51 – Cellphone bill from Aug (2 cities + roaming charges = SUCKS. Am waiting for reimbursement)

272.92 – Applied for the U.S. Green Card Lottery. *shrug* If I get it, all the better!

364.07 – 2 new work pants (replacing old), 2 new work tops, 3 pairs of underwear, yoga shorts

604.69 – Setting up new business (registration) + software + filing system

TOTAL: $1907.22


*FB faints*

Until I totted up the numbers, I didn’t realize it was almost $2,000!!! Even if I hadn’t spent that cash on clothes (heh), it’d still be about $1600 in OTHER (ok, maybe if I didn’t do the eating out thing either – but it was to say good bye & thank you)

Setting up the business, applying to be a U.S. citizen (hopefully), new seeing tools (heh I mean glasses/contacts), and miscellaneous (luggage + umbrella) was the bulk of the ‘essentials’.


Month of September = No spending aside from signing up for yoga classes with BF (it’s why I bought the yoga shorts), which will cost about $100. Then I’m done.


Thank goodness the glasses only cost about $30 instead of $500. Then my number up there would be $2500, not $2000.

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