In case of emergency….

BF got hurt really badly the other day, and it shook me up to think that he came that close to ending up in the hospital, with cuts, bruises, stitches and who knows what. In the end, he ended up only with a massive, purply bruise on his thigh, numerous little black bruises all over his legs, cuts and scrapes. I told him shakily that I was really happy he was okay, but it got me thinking:

How many of y’all have Emergency Documents prepared?

I sure as hell don’t didn’t.

Once I start getting more cash, and have more assets to my name, I’m going to go to a lawyer and formally draw up a will just so I have one just in case.

Before, all I had was debt, but now I am in the positive net worth and I AM going to be debt free by November as planned (I’ve decided to clear my debt completely, because it’ll give me enough cash to live for about 10 months in an emergency fund).

I immediately set to work making an Emergency Document that basically states information about my family, my medical history and other known problems (allergies, etc), my medications. Most importantly, I’ve included my financial information including bank account numbers (no passwords yet, am figuring out how to disclose my password without disclosing it completely), with a list of bills that have to be paid and on what dates.

The other thing on my list is to set up a will to bequeath everything to my family in case I die. And to make a note in there that I firmly want to be an Organ Donor (I won’t need them when I’m dead), my wish for my remains to be cremated and have my ashes scattered, and any other final quirky wishes, like maybe a grave marker somewhere but no body.

My other note to everyone is: PLEASE make sure you think about doing a document like this because if something happened to you and you were incapacitated, you want your loved ones to be able to help you run your life at the bare minimum so that you don’t wake up to a mess of credit score trouble and overdue payment letters clogging your mailbox/inbox.

It’s something you (and I) don’t really want to think about, but burying your head in the sand and ignoring reality is NOT the way to make things easier for you or on your family.

Here’s a mini template of what you should consider putting in your Emergency Information Sheet (I’ve taken it from what I’ve just created), but I am going to ask for all and any help on anything else I should include on this document.

Family Details (Mother, Father, Siblings)

– Full Name
– Addresses
– Telephone #
– Mobile #
– Email Addresses

Medical Information

– Doctor’s Name
– Doctor’s Address
– Doctor’s Telephone #

Medical History

– When I last had a checkup, etc
– Any known allergies
– Family history (Cancer and what types, Diabetes, etc)
– I ought to know my blood type but I don’t. I’m guessing it’s O + like everyone else
– Medical conditions (asthma)
– Any medication I’m taking
– Any surgeries I’ve had

Optometrist Information

– Doctor’s Name
– Doctor’s Address
– Doctor’s Telephone #

Optometrist History

– When I last had a Checkup
– Results of that Checkup
– Any possible problems
– Any surgeries I had

Dentist Information

– Dentist’s Name
– Dentist’s Address
– Dentist’s Telephone #

Dentist History

– When I last had a Checkup
– Results of that Checkup
– Any possible problems
– Any surgeries I had

Financial Information

– Bank Account Numbers / Purpose / Password
– Investments / Assets
– Debts
– Bills to be paid regularly and their dates
– Credit Cards and their balances (if any)

That’s all I’ve got so far.

Any other tips or help on what else I can add?

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