Does a treat = you pay?

Debt Hater finished $300 in the hole for eating out in her category because when her husband said that they were taking his best friend & wife out to dinner for their birthday, they didn’t discuss beforehand whether or not it was a treat (i.e. they foot the entire bill) or just a nice gesture.

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For me, when I say to a friend: I’m taking you out to dinner for your birthday, they should assume that I’m treating. If not, the way to get around it is: Let’s go out to dinner to celebrate your birthday… but even then, it’s THEIR birthday and they shouldn’t have to pay (anyway, that’s my assumption) unless they invite me specifically saying: please come out to my birthday dinner.

How about if it wasn’t a birthday situation? Should you have to pay if you said “hey, let’s go to dinner“? In that situation, I don’t feel obligated to pay. It isn’t a special occasion that warrants a treat for any occasion, and it’s just an invite so you both don’t have to eat alone.

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